I   N   L   A   Y

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5 Track Demo EP

Recorded: Summer 2010

Track Listing:

  1. 1.I See Lovers

  2. 2.James And The Giant Weeks

    (now ‘No.1 Cliff Road’)

  1. 3.The Rabbit / Flynn The Lurcher

  2. 4.Feet On The Ground

  3. 5.Great Expectations

I   N   L   A   Y

2012 Album

Recorded at Purple Studio’s.

Inlay is a very impressive debut album with a visionary take on what folk music can be and where it might go.”


R2 - Rock ‘n’ Reel

“Something for the traditionalist, something for the modernist - and something for you.”

Bright Young Folk

Listen Here:

Live at Helios Studios

2016 EP

Recorded live on 2/4/15

at Helios Studios, Bristol

Listen Here:


2016 Album

Recorded at The Forge, Norfolk

“Heritage and innovation brought together without a visible seam”


“Contemplative folk that looks backwards to move forwards”



“A fine album”


Listen Here: