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James Porter
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Guitar, Vocals

    James, from Nottinghamshire, draws upon a wide range of influences in his guitar playing with Inlay.

    Stylistically, James’ playing has developed through learning both electric and acoustic guitar in a number of different genres. In this folk setup however, James likes to experiment with a variety of different effects, live loops, tunings and percussive techniques. These, at times, provide an alternate-take on rhythmic folk accompaniment intertwined with a more traditional approach.

    James is a graduate from the University of East Anglia on the BA Music course. As well as playing guitar with Inlay, James plays with a number of other groups and is also an instrumental guitar tutor, working both independently and providing cover for lessons with Carlos Thrale. James also delivers music workshops with Sistema in Norwich and Laboratory Media Education.

    Member of the Musicians’ Union.


Carlos Thrale

Guitar, Bass and Music Lessons in Nottingham, Southwell, Newark, Notts.

Sistema in Norwich

Laboratory Media Education

Musicians’ Union